Never knew there was anything above Beast of Burden, even Luka hasn't reached Je Suis Un Rock Star.
So the highest level is Je Suis Un Rock Star? Interesting choice... my flat mate in London was obsessed with that song. Now, every time I hear This Must Be The Place starting up I think it's that for a second.


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I really like dillinja, he's one of the best jungles. Weird and nonsensical comment from barty there.

Obvious big tunes, apart from violent killa posted earlier are tudor Rose (as capone) and bladerunner sampling angels fell.

There was a time when you just knew it was dillinja. Unique drums. I saw him live a few times and it was always good, lots of ongoing breaks of the drums, lengthening it out.

And his remixes were also excellent eg this one of the lemon d tune, where theres 5 mins of air after the tune, then a sort of sample pack of his riffs

And this bjork one

And this baby bamboos one

Used to cane those alot.

This video of him in the studios good, showing how he makes the drums root sound with his voice

When he got signed to ffrr he did some less good albums, more commercial I suppose, bit cheesy towards the end. But I love this one off cybotron

And this classic, big tune for kode9

But the cover photo sort of tells you where he was at around this time... My mates bought me 'big bad bass' for my birthday, back in the days when a double cd like this would be 15 quid, and my mate who went to buy it said it looked a bit embarrassing from the cover.

I saw him last at a festival, b2b with goldie, banging set.