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That's specific to you Leo, we decided collectively that after your Ian Curtis comments, you shouldn't be allowed to see that page


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One other recent glitch that's undoubtedly a result of my Teardrop Explodes praise: when people copy/paste content, quotation marks often turn into question marks.


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I think some threads may be missing posts, but it may also be that the new layout just has more per page so there are fewer pages. The whole thing thing looks pretty sharp though. Nice work.


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Wow! :eek:

Bit of a shock when I logged in, but looks good — thanks, Sufi! 🎉

(Going to have to restrain myself with these smileys.)


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Thanks Sufi - I haven't been paying much attention recently so didn't notice the kerfuffle about vBulletin. Let us know when you want some money


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i don't like it but yeh that's personal i think. i didn't l like it when cars went from looking rectangular to round and i didn't like it when the internet went from looking rectangular to round. i liked dissensus because of that.


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It looks less serious, doesn't it? There was something impressively spartan and dreary about the old look.

I'm sure we'll all get used to this though. 🤷‍♂️ (Sorry.)