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Benny B

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This is the closest thing in vibe to the new Carti I can think of, but I like rae sremmurd better probably.


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Bobby Shmurda's being released tomorrow.
Now Bobby’s finally home and free to shower at his leisure. He’d arrived at a two-story penthouse in Dumbo earlier that morning, fresh from the private jet his friend Quavo, of the platinum-selling rap group Migos, had waiting for him immediately upon his release, one complete with female company and a briefcase emblazoned with the words “Shmurda Kit.” (As more friends sauntered into the penthouse, Bobby opened the briefcase and tossed them its contents, including furry handcuffs, to much horror.)


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yeah that was decent, I like Tree. Had Sunday School II on repeat for a while when it came out and I was going through some shit, still gets me emotional.