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@DannyL i mean he shined bright in part because he had a good string of guest verses but was also a massive massive cokehead so it was inevitable that his flame would burn out really quickly that PLUS the swastika tatoo, almost going to prison for life AND being on a label that wasn't geared towards his strengths it makes sense that his career is where it is now.

Gucci i mean i get why people mourn that he isn't delivering the goods like he did in the past but then again the mans put out enough good to arguably great songs to last a lifetime, some of them are probably on mixtapes you didn't bother to check the first time around just because of how much Gucci mane music is out there, imo to want anymore from him especially when he's like elder statesman status now is just greedy lol

Even when he was locked up for the last time the people who were in charge hard drives were STILL putting music out
Totally man, he doesn't need to do anything more. I just mean, when he was at his most creative it seemed he was unstable and a danger to himself. I'm glad we have less music/sober, alive Gucci who's able to enjoy the fruits of his success.


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Exactly let him live he's got sons and grandsons of his style now some of them have their own legion of imitators and copycats aswell.

To go back to Gunplay though i wish i remember who said it but some guy on twitter i remember said it best that rappers from Florida are either Trick Daddy crazy or Spaceghostpurpp crazy and Gunplay is definitly in the former camp


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got approved frighteningly quick and not having a pop but Dissesus is what Bsc (Hons) IT and Society lecturers think is cool.


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i love the beats i've been fuckin with Preservation since the Yen Lo album and he's got a singular out of time sound that i really like,woods as far as writing man don't get me started seriously i can talk about how good him and Elucid are on their own AND together

@DannyL with Gabe Nandez i'd say check this out
Just listening to this Gabe now. Seems to be on a mission to demonstrate how stylistic versatile he is.


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Also trying to use lecturers as a weird back handed insult just implies you're deeply familiar with that world.


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listening to his album right now and it's not bad it's definitly part of that whole soul searching "lo-fi" rap stuff that i've liked over the last decade

MIKE,Ade Hakim/Sixpress,Pink Siifu,Akai Solo,Maassai and of course Earl but brighter and working in broader strokes its not bad and i can see why he's got the buzz he has but not really for me

it is a nice to hear a rapper say they don't believe in capitalism which for decades has been posited as the only way out


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saw Armand Hammer on friday good time although somebody puked in the middle of the crowd and didn't clean it up and the soundman cut Elucid off in the middle of the last track

anyways i bring this up cause they have a new album out that's only been released on vinyl, and of course fans and scalpers being what they are they already leaked and uploaded it


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The 2nd disc of Kendrick album is really great. (The tracks where he sings with autotune sound so Kanye to me.)

I'm glad he's such a huge rapper, really. I can't imagine many rappers on this commercial level (that I've heard anyway) talking about the things he talks about on "Auntie Diaries" and "Mother Sober" e.g.

The 1st disc might be too but I need to revisit it cos I felt like it slipped me by yesterday.

There's things about him as a rapper that put me off when I hear a single song that make a lot more sense in the album form.

I feel like he rarely makes bangers and rarely delivers succinct punchlines/quotes like e.g. Drake and Pusha T but he's a much more fascinating performer, persona and writer than either of them.

Sometimes his ventriloquist voices get on my nerves, but again stretched over a whole album they stick out less than when I hear a single.

I revisited "Sing About Me" yesterday and that one actually makes me want to cry. And listening to his older music like "Hol' Up" and "The Heart pt 1" makes me kind of yearn for a slightly simpler version of Kendrick who 'just' rapped to rap beats in a fairly straightforward and technically dazzling way. But of course him constantly trying to evolve and do something new is what makes him worthy of attention on this scale.