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Honestly most of the tunes don't have the undeniable power of that one but I hope most of them do contain something that I considered worthwhile and interesting - unique even - enough to be happy holding up and saying "Hey listen to this and judge me on it".


Beast of Burden
I've been listening to the Unusual Sounds and G-Spots compilations on Spotify all day, they're fucking great.

This is on a parallel line with all the Italian film music I like, and I noticed you mentioned Piero Umiliani earlier.

When can I listen to your radio show?


I?m listening to this for a second time.
What I don?t understand is how you get to confidently mumble away in English on a Portuguese radio station.
Great, thanks mate, saw you sharing on twitter too... really appreciate that.
Re the speaking, i seem to struggle with the mic in their studio but thought I'd give a go for this one cos I was doing it at home. The djs on that station are from absolutely all over though and I guess it ends up being half-Portuguese half-English, like you might have an Australian here who is playing at Lux or whatever and they do a show for ESR so it will be English I guess.
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