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i will ponder the relationship between craner and cranes. For starters, if we think of cranes rather than crane, for the moment, and compare with craner, one letter of six is different, the final one. And there too, the difference in the letters is interesting, for the letters that are different, are next to one another in the alphabet.


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ok, fixed em, these should load a lot easier and take up less space. thanks for pointing it out leo
sorry, I didn't realize they were imgur uploads, my bad. but they actually look better in the smaller size, since you can see the entire image on a screen.

btw, I once took a photo of the west side of Manhattan that had a lot of construction going on, at least a half-dozen sky-high cranes emerging from the morning mist. when I posted it on instagram, I thought I was clever by tagging it "cranespotting", only to find that tag has been used 43k times already.

I am not clever after all, it turns out.
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