Riders on the Storm


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badass? hardly. the precedent for badass didn't exist in 60s white rock culture and Morrison was not a gangster.

It's like saying Aesop Rock is a bad ass, even though his main identity grounding is being a nerd. We all have nerd aspects to our personality but there is a certain male conceit that privileges that aspect above all else.

That's the problem with Morrison. if he was a cynical egoist we'd all laugh. but he believed in the sub-modernist crap he was spouting.
i'm not vouching for jim morrison as a person! absolutely no interest in doing that.


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LOL you are the biggest dickhead in the world I swear

Muting you now, thanks for the memories xxx
to be fair you couldn't have picked a worse example than football to illustrate your point. the sport which an effete cultured gentleman recoils from in horror, look at those savages invested in nothing.

i mean i get your point, you could have said cricket though, or indie rock, or page 3 modelling.

and yes, all gays are necessarily dickheads. but i also like the fanny so I have to be extra invested in discerning good dick.
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for the record I'd be utterly appalled if my kids mates were into football in 10-20 years time, it would be like those weirdo potential UN employee year 11 head student girls into brahms. Liszt all the way.