Cat Malogen
Hitting a bag is wrist testing

Mix it up. Try krav the other maga. Mental fun. Wife introduced myself and the kids to it gradually (long story). Builds you up to taking on 5-1 and escaping, so you get massive cardio and really have to think. It’s always about surviving rather than straight brawling. They don’t let concussions creep in, worst thing you get choked out 🤪

Jujitsu will take a while to get to solid full guard and comfortable in that space whereas in krav you wear a full head guard, mix up all manner of reps and get to go hard on people laughing at your pain, plus you learn fast. Maybe a bias. If you’ve played squash you’re already ahead of most cunts. Thought with football stupidity and other life events you get to know intimidation but you’ll never look at a pavement, subway or room the same way again after 3-6 months of jewjitsu


Thing is I'm not sure I wanna get into real fighting, I'm thinking of boxing more from a fitness and sport angle - and also cos it's what my friend suggested and will sort out without my having to think really.

Krav Maga I'm sure is maybe the ultimate form of self-defence except for my chosen speciality of showing a clean pair of heels... in short, I am a lover not a fighter and sadly lacking in expertise in the former too