George Floyd


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cops living in their own insular communities outside of the places they police, or at the very edge if laws require them to live in city limits, is a common American thing as well
yup, tons of NYC cops/firefighters in Staten Island and rockaways. bet hardly any live in Manhattan, aside from way uptown.


I think that experience of normality in one part of town while another part is rioting is relatable e.g. in London when there are huge demos in the center and calm on the periphery, but the segregation in US is like nothing i've experienced in UK or anywhere else in Yurp. That cuts through all of this, i found it a big shock every time i was in US :(
Thanks for your account Mvuent, dissensus special correspondent at ground zero


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i feel sorry for the palestinians who keep hoping BLM will notice them but its never going to happen

john eden

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It's a good game this. Criticise BLM for not saying anything about Palestine. Then when they do:

Some people criticise them for being anti-semitic
Others criticise them for not saying anything about West Papua.

then when people mention that people from West Papua have spoken at BLM events they are criticised for not having enough prominence etc etc.

Matt Lucas might have a point about the bit about people being gagged about criticising Zionism. But to play my round in this game, I have yet to see anything from him about blacking up in the noughties for Little Britain. So round and round we go.


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Little Britain had atrocious depictions of women. Ting Tong? There are jokes and then there's painful shithousing. If i was ever out anywhere and it was on the idiot lantern at someone's home, definitely time to roll a pure joint, pass it round and dose those cunts good. I'm still irked by thinking about Michael Portillo earlier.

Loads of stereotypes were blasted during previous decades. I'm not even ginger

Back to America, the margins of error are getting worse. Regeneration through violence?