I like that bit in that video where they're arguing about the tattoo and the mistakes and the guy says "that's on your back, not mine" - I can't tell if the pun is deliberate but it's a good one. Reminds of Wellington Paranormal where the dumb guy is talking about his dumber brother and he says "He got a tattoo of Mum's back on his face" and they say "Don't you mean face on his back?" and he says "no, he mixed it up and was too stupid to realise while they were doing it".


Yes Catalogue you're right, there is a massive thing about it... Liza keeps going on about new people seeing it and stuff.
She got some designs based on Malevich the Russian modernist artist (the guy who did Black Square topically enough).
Pretty much this in fact although the positions are slightly different and the black square may be green I dunno....



Who loves ya, baby?
When my brother was training, he'd practice on pig skin. He had a load of it jammed in the freezer.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
In my head, every white person with a tattoo in an Asian language they obviously don't speak is walking around with ORIENTALIST BELL-END on their arm/neck/lower back.