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Looks like the Tories have cottoned on to the old NF tactic of outing commie teachers who are indoctrinating our children into anti-capitalism.

So kids are going to have to learn about how fucked the economic system and political class are through their own lived experience instead now, huh. Like I had to.


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what's the back story on why Gavin McInness quit?
I dunno that he has. There was some court case where his stepping down would apparently help the guys on trial, so he claimed to have left the organisation. It all seems a bit fuzzy though.

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Any thoughts on Barrett getting bollocked for using the "offensive" term, "sexual preference"? This is pretty crazy, if true, about Merriam-Webster changing a definition on the very same day:
Edit: that seems to be a pretty conservative website, but the story is available on several other sites, e.g. and


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I think it's factually established that dictionaries updated same-day; it's also factually established that almost every major democratic figure/politician has used the phrase in the last few years.

Some serious linguistic ret-conning going down


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On the same day most major left-leaning pubs are refusing to publish on the Hunter Biden allegations, which are shocking

I remember when the NYT devoted all its power to "debunking" the sexual assault allegations against Joe

A treatment they've literally never given any other MeToo-type allegation

What a joke, this. At least no one's fooled anymore


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I guess this is the future: platforms and pubs deciding to confirm the most conspiratorial allegations of insane evangelicals about media bias