Invisible Sounds - welcome back to East Side Radio show


For the first time in a few months they have opened up the studio at East Side Radio.... all the regulars were asked to do a four hour "welcome back" kinda show.
Anyway, we went out on Wednesday.... got home at about 4am on Friday morning, managed a few hours sleep, and then woke up just in time to grab a few records and get down to the station. So... there were a number of cock-ups is what I'm saying... mics that were on when they should have been off and so on. Nice tunes though I think... chose a few long ones for some reason.

Four Hours of Invisble Sounds

Also a lot of plugging for our record label which will be live and ready to sell our first release very soon.... no launch parties in Berlin etc as originally planned sadly though.


Tracklist here for those who are interested... you will probably notice that there are a number of fairly loooooooong classics in there. Three tracks played by Jaguar No Me which will be the first

Technicolor Skull - Technicolor Skull
Fantastikoi Hxoi - A Strange Light From The East
Stereolab - Tripping With The Birds
Boredoms - Super Roots 7 (Boriginal)
Jaguar No Me - Machigaeta
Rheingold - Dreiksklangsdimensionen
Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator
Ipp/du - German Road
Zement - C2 (A, F)
Neu - Negativland
Cooperative - Trans Siberian Express
Keys - Thoughts
Can - You Doo Right
Ibliss - High Life
My Automata - Привет Альцгеймер (Privet Alzgeimer)
Jaguar No Me - Kaka No AI
Cumbias En Moog - Cumbia Del Sal
Eberhard Schoener - Ketjak
Alexander Borly - Afromania
Hassan Abou Seoud - Sohir
Asha Bhosle and Hemant Bhosle - Sansani
Khalyanji-Anandji - Dance Music (from Commander)
Emperor Machine - The Symptomatic Removal of the Sanity
Swayzak - State of Grace (Headgear Mix)
Dollkraut - Hagen (Feel Some Love)
Baris K - 200
Getatche Mekuria - Ambassel
Johnny Scot - Great Organ Beat
Bells of Kyoto - Temple
Etienne Jaumet - Nuclear War
Pitch - What Am I Gonna Do For Fun
Kluente - Der Wuestensohn
Danny Weed - Creeper
DIE - Shake A L'il Faster
Rashad - Drank, Kush, Bars
Kehrschliefe - Leonid Brezhnev
Jaguar No Me - Kurushuka