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His speech is that of a man permanently stuck on the cliff edge of a breakdown but by force of his hateful strength, manages to hold it together just enough to keep who he needs to go along with him (even this has been pushed over the limit several hundred times) you see it when he's in a board meeting, constantly talking, filling any voids where doubt could seep in. Like the worst desperate comedian grasping at the air with words, all the while trying to appear calm. A never ending juggling act.

Those facial expressions are someone trying to appear like they're fine. In control. They're him imagining what it feels like to be confident, and trying to project that out. Unaware of or at least blocking out how it looks from an honest perspective. Seeing that it works on enough people in front of him, he keeps at it. It's like an emperors new clothes fake it til you make it. Except he never makes it. The plates need to keep spinning.


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Thing is, I think a lot of powerful businessmen are pulling this exact same balancing act, just much much more adeptly.


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trump was always a spoiled loudmouth con man, but so is nearly every real estate developer in New York. but not every real estate developer is a narcissistic racist with authoritarian impulses and no cares about wreaking havoc around the world. unable to feel sorry for him. almost worse are the people who enable him.

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Jaron Lanier thinks he's addicted to Twitter and it's scrambled his brain. He now thinks and speaks in tweets.
There's got to be an analysis somewhere of what social media addiction does to people (individuals/society) in terms of the Sapir-Worf hypothesis, I'd have thought.


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There's got to be an analysis somewhere of what social media addiction does to people (individuals/society) in terms of the Sapir-Worf hypothesis, I'd have thought.
This is the interview where he talks about Trump and Twitter,


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in re Trump and dementia - certainly wouldn't be surprising, but impossible to diagnose from afar, esp as "dementia" is a collection of symptoms rather than a specific diagnosis

whether or not he has some form of dementia, one easily observable thing is how completely Donald Trump media persona has eclipsed Donald Trump the person

he's always been massively self-aggrandizing etc but as people have said up until maybe 15-20 years ago he comes much differently - like a hugely exaggerated version of a super-rich asshole, but still a human being. unlike this grotesque, completely delusional clown we have now.

I think the real turning point is The Apprentice - it boosted his fame to household name level, especially with Americans too young to remember the 80s, and it marks the point where he becomes a caricature of himself, like you can almost see the exact point when the character "Donald Trump" unhinges its swollen jaws and swallows Donald Trump, shady NY real estate mogul and Page 6 fixture.

not that Twitter is unimportant, but it seems more like amplification of an already ongoing process than the cause itself