i really like them. i like the aussies i don't like british people slagging them off. i dont even think theyre more racist than we are.
But you did start a thread called Australians so you must have know there was a fairly good chance that was gonna happen.
And they give us good as they get, there is an Aussie guy I've met here who has become one of my good friends and there was one time he said something nice about the English, but before he let that leave his mouth he kinda stopped the conversation and trailed it and put down all these disclaimers "I am about to say something nice about the English, I don't normally do this, in fact this will be the only time that you will ever hear me do so, it is done grudgingly and only because to do otherwise would in this circumstance be dishonest so I feel I have to say it. The fact that they are good at this is probably a fluke and sticks out like a sore thumb because they are so bad at everything else and such all round bad people, nevertheless...."


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A bloke i know is from Australia, (in a Steve Davis voice) his nickname is Aussie Mark, dunno who came up with that bombshell

Ella brothers could play a bit



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They've got a very distinctive variety of serial killer in Australia, too – three-toothed trailer-hicks with handlebar moustaches who pick off innocent backpackers and put their bodies either in barrels or crocodiles.


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my mate made me watch wolf creek with him just before i went to australia. as a result i was too scared to leave sydney in all the 6 years i lived there.
weren't risking it



I love this high speed driving tour of New South Wales - a guy steals an Audi R8 but has no idea how to operate it, pisses about trying to find some mates to show off to, and over the course of 20 minutes trashes the high performance vehicle causing thousands of Australian dollars worth of damage..
"Alright, I must prosper a little bit more"