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I watched the first video, all the way through, I like when he's describing the putrid rat heart of the guy who ratted them out.

And when he's going into detail about his diamond chain. He's got a very intense energy.

And yeah, wasn't expecting him to say "brar" and "lad" quite so much.

Hilarious when he had a go at the old guy who wants to get past. Pretty sad when he's talking about being institutionalised, almost expecting to go back to prison, unable to understand life outside.

Strange. I started watching the one posted by William Kent but didn't have the stomach, will have to pick it up another time.

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It's popularly and lazily assumed that Canada is one of the "nice" countries, since they something a bit like the NHS and at least are not a ringleader in invading other countries like the USA is, but this image has been badly unravelled in the last couple of years by all these gruesome revelations about those poor kids from native families.


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Thats the first one I saw entertainment but it's a bit racist. On the other hand once he gets out the shop and starts eating the food it is actually sort of hilarious