Did Kraftwerk invent techno as we know it today?


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No. Nor did Juan Atkins.

Phuture however..

lol. so someone who actually knows techno pretty well has this opinion too?

this, for example, sounds a lot more like what i imagine when i think of techno than most cybotron. heavy, austere, empty four on floor. by contrast i've heard "clear" in a few nyc electro mixes and it fits in pretty comfortably.



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that's not acid techno.

not even close.

that's just electronic rock.

And someone needs to tell these new york kids to go and chat to people in detroit because half of them haven't heard of kalamazoo techno.


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looking for single inventers is a fruitless and bourgeois task. had ron hardy not played the belleville three's tracks then detroit music might not even have internationalised.

similarly if knuckles hadn't bought a drum machine off Derrick May.

the house/techno division itself is a European one, or more specific English, curtesy of Neil Rushton.

these are good jump off points but every 2 years Kraftwerk discussion pops up and honestly I'm at the point where Kraftwerk could be totally memory holed out of existence and I wouldn't lose any sleep.


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as for white peoples monopoly in techno.

well, the Frankie/Deforrest Brown JR axis want to keep capitalist club culture, but with better racial/gendered parity. Personally I couldn't care if the club industry collapsed tomorrow. it's just an embarrassingly lumbering corpse for yuppy degenerates and graphic designers. What did you do last weekend. Oh went clubbing and spent £120 to hear one good set and 7 other hours of dull screensaver beats. Go and play Golf then.


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as for white peoples monopoly in techno.

well, the Frankie/Deforrest Brown JR axis

Trying to follow the reasoning of these types. Let's see what Berlin will do. Berghain is silent on BLM which has been seen as 'problematic'. But isn't RA based now? So will the hordes of white DJs/producers go into early retirement to make space and "amplify" the message?

What's the endgame?