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Could’ve woken up with a butchered erse. That's the randomness of life. The person stood in a bus stop whose biography would melt your head and i've heard a few, but being British, there's a persistent reticence to engage which makes me gag

Day in a life - 4hours sleep, woken by some doss cunt a few doors down going off about a delivery. You know the kind, cuuuunt of a human. Bleary mind then gets confronted by being compelled to play cricket-fusions by offspring, cereal everywhere, action men for stumps. Hold the bat the wrong way round deliberately to show them how it's done. Talked to Mrs S over the road, 80 odd widow and had to arbitrate with her about "giving direct advice" to the cuuuunt about manners. Wicked sense of humour though. Zero fear. Snoozed for about 4minutes, then got hit across the shin by action man stumps. Hid in the shed but got found. Went down a wormhole of street food vids making lunch, all of which weighted and reinforced inadequate key skills, like dicing and being prepared fully. Wife got home from work and went straight to bed, shattered. Did our bike cruise out. The vote is for fishfingers tonight, as per any democracy, which i've been forced to yield to. Outflanked again from gerrymandering. Could sleep for weeks
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