Reservoirs and dams, large bodies of man made water


Who loves ya, baby?
I was terrified of the beach as a child. I wasn't too bothered about the sea. It was the sandworms. The thought of stepping on loads of worms made me feel physically sick.


Who loves ya, baby?
This was my nightmare.



Who loves ya, baby?
A singing lugworm figures in The Man Who Dreamed of Faeryland by William Butler Yeats:

But while he passed before a plashy place,
A lug-worm with its grey and muddy mouth
Sang that somewhere to north or west or south
There dwelt a gay, exulting, gentle race
Under the golden or the silver skies
— W.B. Yeats

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Yes, those are lugworms.

This a sandworm:


Although I imagine stepping on one of those would be fairly scary, too.


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yeah, i should have remembered to add "these images are a chilling foresight of what we will see as sea levels rise and submerge urban areas", someone should make one of the city of london with only the tops of the skyscrapers poking up. one for woebot to draw maybe.