The Weather.


Bamber Clatscoigne
First time abroad since 2019 and fuck, did we need it

Looks mad over there, just seen te A2 afire in Dartford on tIKtOk

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
Andrew Neil was fulminating against people being 'infantilised' by public advice about carrying water and so on, and now I'm in Twitter jail for 12 hours for telling him he's welcome to die of heat stroke to own the libs any time he likes.


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have a friend in Austin, says the extended 7-day forecast is daily temps between 102-105.


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I love this weather, just had 2 pints out and could admire the way the flowers crept up the wall, no need to worry about a jumper. I want 50 days uninterrupted of this