depressing/sad jungle & dnb


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Renegade terrorist always cuts me up a bit. That wrong sample. And the drop, it just goes. It reminds me of early days at uni, specifically one night when I got spannered and ate my mouth out, saw all these people I knew from lectures, staring at me, cos I was fooked


Who loves ya, baby?
The stars are raining down upon me. I know this is not true but it is the truth.
Michel Foucault

I am from Stockport. I know this is not true but it is the truth.
DJ Version from Stockport, England


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Can't remember whether Raime and/or Fact are cancelled around these parts, but this mix from 2011 is a halfway convincing picture of an alternate history where jungle went goth. A fast car cutting through the Shinjuku rain at night, a glimpse of tear streaked eyes in the back seat, you know the drill. Cinematic.

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I do find this quite a hard challenge as well cos to me, the best jungle is simultaneously sad and euphoric. That's sort of the whole point, the two impulses together.
And depressing jungle I’d read as shit jungle .... that might make me feel nothing, or irritable, make me want to put on good jungle


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I find that word melancholy is used in a lot of different contexts. It tends to bring smashing pumpkins and poe to my mind


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It’s probably inaccurate but I see melancholy as sadness you get some pleasure from
recognised this idea, so i looked on one of those quote sites

Aristotle said melancholy men of all others are the most witty.
ROBERT BURTON: The Anatomy of Melancholy, I, 1621
He is a fool that is not melancholy once a day.
ENGLISH PROVERB, traced by Smith to 1678
Melancholy is the pleasure of being sad.
VICTOR HUGO: The Toilers of the Sea, III, 1866