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Wouldn't it be better for everyone if we didn't know that Photek's real name was Rupert?

Like all this music would be a lot cooler if it was actually generated by machines.


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I sort of love their ridiculous names. I used to love that about going to jungle nights full stop. You'd get to the front and see the dj and it would be some skinny white lad with no colour on his face and a look of terror. Inspiring


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Bored middle class white lads in the boringist towns near London create futuristic music that 25 years later sustains 7 pages of chat on world famous dissensus forum
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I actually respect Rupert because he quickly realized he was wasting his life making his samurai sound sculptures and decamped to Hollywood to make a killing doing soundtracks instead and hooked a gorgeous Taiwanese wife in the process.


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I think this music is good. I'm sure Luka has an explanation about how if I do DMT in the marsh at 3:28 AM I'll learn to transcend when music is good or bad, but you know... that's how you end up befriending Barty.


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neighbours having the world'sworst drum n bass rave downtairs this afternoon so this thread's coming in handy, thanks all