Has anyone used this at all?
Before lockdown we were having some Portuguese lessons but that kinda came to the end, and to be honest, I was doing very well [EDIT - that should have said WASN'T]. But I really do want to learn properly so I've been trying this Duolingo thing - it actually seems pretty good I think. It hammers stuff home again and again, maybe too much, but I'd rather that it erred on that side rather than rushing ahead too fast. It's cleverly split up into bits so you keep thinking "ooh I could just do one now" in a way that I didn't with exercises I was set from my lessons. Or you can just do it while you're waiting in a queue or something which I never did before - I would have to psych myself up and sort of say "Right I'm gonna do an hour of Portuguese now".
One issue - I'm going through it, but I've never learned in this before, I wonder if it really does add up to anything. Will I get to the end and not be able to put it together as I wish? Hopefully not (signs are goodish at the moment) but I'd really reassured if someone told me they learned to speak fluent Navajo from it.
The other issue - I mention Navajo cos it keeps flashing up saying they teach it. Also it claims to have more people learning Irish on Duolingo than native speakers... but bizarrely (I think) they don't have Portuguese Portuguese, only the Brazilian version. And I know that as I get further into they will diverge a lot more than - say - US and English English.
But yeah any thoughts from anyone please. Oh yeah I'm doing the free version obviously, no paying for anything.
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