It's funny how we both relate it to that film. I feel the same way about those romcoms. 10 things I hate about you was the best one
It’s irresistible for young men like us because of what those films have done to our brains. I bet corpsey secretly loves it too. Whereas with older gentleman like luka it’s just disgusting
How did you find the experience version? We all know you a little better. Did you learn anything about yourself?

Woops is up next, probably practising in his room as we speak. Any advice for the next guy? Should we stick to his thursday eve deadline or give him another week?
I like the writing a lot, the imagery especially. Embarrassing yourself a bit is a good goal, with all the emotions evoked, the flights of fancy, the fantasies


is not like other people
am i meant to be getting a mix ready for a listening party, cos i got 40 tunes into a top 100 already and couldn't think of any more.

not to come over too luka-esque but you should ignore that voice telling you you're writing something embarrassing, said this before, make a picture of the critic with a big red x etc


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was it just middle class? the hipster anxiety was a collective realisation of the impossibility of authenticity projected onto / channelled through one group
The self-reflexive moment, the crisis of authenticity, the postmodern collapse all seems to me to be fundamentally adolescent. Culture itself, gaining self awareness and questioning itself, doubting, probing