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You can't. Version is extremely paranoid and won't make a playlist as it would be linked to his personal account.
The self-reflexive moment, the crisis of authenticity, the postmodern collapse all seems to me to be fundamentally adolescent. Culture itself, gaining self awareness and questioning itself, doubting, probing
yeah this is good. A developmental stage in globalisation. I think we see the same anxiety with identity politics, the realisation that we don’t have secure identities causes an anxiety, a clinging


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i never go through any of these list until 100 years after they're done, but maybe will make an exception with this one. version and i have weirdly similar taste so my expectations are very high.


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oops been a bit busy with writing poems and recording my synthesiser but i'll see if i can knock something together for this thursday. but as you can tell i am a busy man


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5. Chief Keef, Save that Shit

I love Keef. There are two Keef tunes in this list. I almost included I Don’t Know Dem too, but thought three might be excessive. I might include it anyway.

This is like a teeny bop (emphasis on bop) record underneath all the shrapnel.


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26. Low Deep, Get Set feat. Kano, Ghetts, Big Seac, Demon and Doctor

Triumphant, imperial yet bittersweet; fifteen years later all but Kano and Ghetts have disappeared and grime seems like a spent force.

This has made me nostalgic for listening to fuck radio sets while moping around campus, fantasising about wearing a leather new era cap


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35. Autechre, 1 1 is

The forum mascots. You knew they were going to make an appearance. We asked where's the avant-garde? Where it's always been. In the heads of two aging b-boys from Rochdale.

The sunlight-resistant body armour in Blade II.

The sound of space folding in on itself.

This is quite pleasantly queasy. Reminds me a lot of being hammered on ket and doing balloons.