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There was a late '70s UK documentary called 'Rampton - the Secret Hospital' which was apparently aired once on TV, caused a minor row and has since disappeared. People did some digging and BFI were offering it a while back for £120 or something crazy. Just had a search and nothing came up - is it an option for paid subscribers?

This one's always intrigued me, particularly for the 'cast' credit, from their catalogue - tho also doesn't seem to come up on the BFI Player search -


I'm hoping it's like a UK Titicut Follies with Prince Philip being restrained, hosed down naked and force fed porridge and dangerous quantities of anti-psychotics.


It actually sounds pretty similar in fact
A two-part investigation into aspects of mental health care in Britain as exemplified by the maximum security Rampton Hospital, known as the ‘big house’ and the nearby rehabilitation unit, Eastdale.
Part 1: The administration of Rampton, in which live 900 patients from all over Britain. Many of these patients are dangerous mentally disturbed criminals, but nearly half have committed no crime at all. Investigates allegations of cruelty to inmates.
Part 2: The problems faced by the residents at Eastdale in coming back into society. For many the distress experienced is more than they can cope with but the sympathy and support of the staff help to counteract the effect of years spent in institutions.