Timbaland vs. The Neptunes

Timbaland vs. The Neptunes

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call me big papa
Timbaland is the clear dissensoid choice.

Aside from anything else he heavily influenced 2-step (and there's the longstanding debate over whether or not he was inspired by jungle, which I believe he denies).


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if anyone posts happy or get lucky, it goes to timbo by default
I once caught a 'secret' punk show on a bridge at three AM. Lots of black, lots of denim, lots of combats boots. Brooding abound. Just before the music starts a man on a pedi cab rolls through the crowd, Pharell's 'Happy' on his boom box gently filling the abrupt silence.


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there's an album of timbaland with chris cornell from soundgarden too which is apparently dreadful, although 'Timbaland has referred to the recording sessions as "The best work I've done in my career," and predicted that Cornell will be the "first rock star in the club". '


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even when he's not sampling it, those infectious hooks, those irresistable beats? all straight out of the arabic music cookbook. not wagging my finger here, fwiw. just sayin. imo pharrell and (especially) chad hugo are more inventive.