loft party this saturday, june 11th


Beast of Burden
in case anybody's interested, i'm doing another party this saturday

private message me w/ your e-mail address and i'll send you the details as regards address -- it's in the center of manhattan

the dj's =

me (pointless cruelty) early from about 11 pm to 1:30 -- b/c beat matching is no object for me, i simply play whatever i like -- uk rave classics, some 80s industrial, some balearic

and then dj renochild plays hacienda classics and broken beats later in the evening

not sure who else is djing

and then we're also going to have live PA's by Fidel Bistro and El Tel -- at around 2:30 or 3:00

El Tel is originally from Finsbury Park and makes dark 2-step garage -- we call it "crime"

Fidel Bistro is from Kingston by way of Jamaica, Queens and the LES -- he does really raw broken beat and stuff that's kinda electro-house-y

we're charging $10 before 2 am, $20 after 2 am -- but this includes an open bar, i.e., all you can drink

party will last for as long as people choose to stay
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Beast of Burden
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