youtube forcing japanese music down your throat


Cat Malogen
This for days, hence you lot should be scarred by it too

Think it’s due to the kids doing Joe cunting Wickes exercise searches. Either that or there’s another closet Joe Wickes fan in the house, like the one sleeping next to me. Going to start putting “Hillary Clinton+ Hot” searches into google images and wait for the mardy turn.


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I chap I know had a Japanese student who loved City Pop but for ages just thought he was just saying he liked "Shitty Pop".


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Have you lot seen those giant otters yet? They definitely didn't exist when I was a kid. That's a new invention.


A cult of self improvement has no tolerance for wallowing there's a famous thread here called the late nite aesthetic and it's the same thing. Alienation late at night with the radio for spurious company
I was thinking of that thread reading the above.