R&B you should know and love


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This one is a real personal favourite - r&b songs about having a good time and not feeling attached to your boyfriend so you can let your hair down at the club are always good, this one is so shouty and messy and opulent, actually feels like when you're six vodkas down and living your best life


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Remember when The-Dream tried to form his own Vanity 6 style girl group and it was the best r&b album that nobody ever noticed?


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What's the song with the chorus "This time I've just gotta let go/I ain't waiting round for you no more/I know that you've been cheating on me/and she knows that I know"?

I've got a recording of it but I can't place the singer or find any sign of it on Google or Shazam.


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Not ringing any bells sorry. Surprising you're not getting any hits by googling the lyrics


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It's almost legendarily bad, though. It's iconically crass and awful.

I don't really listen to J Cole but I thought he was supposed to be a sensitive intellectual sort of rapper. Maybe that's why he went so wrong. He's the booksmart type trying to fit into the vulgar sexed up world of modern R&B so he overcompensates wildly.