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villalobos do similar tricks it sounds contrived
this I must disagree with pretty strenuously, tho again ymmv

he's the only big name from the mnml/microhouse era I think is worth anything

and I don't think it is tricks. it's just a different style from Omar-S, closer to Reich/Riley etc process music rather than disco, soul etc.

truly psychedelic in a way very little dance music attains. "Acid Tracks" does. there are other examples.


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he's the only big name from the mnml/microhouse era I think is worth anything

I agree with that totally and I remember liking some of his stuff, maybe i just got left with that feeling as the last thing i heard was him mixing relatively late in his career and it was terrible, when its bad it sounds like cheap tricks, turning the knob on a filter exactly when everyone expects it etc.


Omar s is brilliant at this, there is one track that I can't be bothered to find out which one right now (theres a few though) where he changes up the hihats and it's virtuosic in its subtlety.
I like that interview when he was saying he plays a record to people and they say "Is that all the record do" and he says "Yeah bitch, that's all the record do, your lazy ass gotta do something with it" - though maybe it doesn't really if you listen properly.

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It's funny, when I make a track I go out of my way to inject at least some variety into it, because I hate the idea of making a track that's boring, and the line between "trance-inducing motorik genius" and "boring" can be very fine. But sometimes I think I over-egg the pudding and end up putting in gratuitous elements that can detract from the simplicity.

All that said, I think I've struck more or less the right balance on this tune - would be interested in anyone's comments.


Ok here's one but not sure if it's exactly the one i was thinking of, he's a master of the top end percussion.

This is ace. And also exactly what I'm talking about in that half of it (the beat) is utterly repetitive but the melody isn't so it's kinda half and half.