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no extraordinary story to tell and, thankfully, no guest appearance on stage to shake my booty. I know I saw them at danceteria and hurrah, and possibly also the mudd club, not sure. they sounded exactly like on record, totally fresh-faced kids from the bronx who were both thrilled and puzzled to be playing at weirdo downtown clubs and the enthusiastic reception from a bunch of weirdo white punks/new wavers.
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"It's my first time" - the following records were heard the first time i was exposed to mdma with a cohort of ne'er-do-wells. Wow, tediously groundbreaking disclosure, just stay with me and our segue to the tune vaults

What happens neurologically and physiologically when revelatory musical transcendence upper-cuts you in the chops clean out of time? You've seen enough of the world for isolated revelations, clumsy fumbles and heartbreak, but there's always this asteroid out there, lurking, that causes a shift in your overall orbit from its point of impact on (even more so if you go looking for it)

The before/after threshold was the Hacienda. Undiluted anarchy with a Mancunian strut, it defined northern England for a brief eclipse. I loved how Mancunians could be the most vocal about telling London to go fuck itself (sorry Londinium), except Nottingham was changing quickly too. You couldn't fully gauge what was growing steadily - how do you map parameters that don't exist initially, within a social domain that had no recognisable name other than the loosest moniker possible, 'House'?

Forest Fields is our setting, a mixing pot of red-bricked, mossy, damp hovels, most of which have had serious upgrades since the late 1980's. Its squat network was eviscerated with buy-to-lets blowing in. Very Coronation St in architectural layout, ethnically diverse and hadnt been tonked as bad in the Radford Riots. Every weekend you could expect the unexpected. Like Radford and Hyson Green, it had a unique microcosm of different tribes, except squat parties had no real dress codes - rigged up crews with links to the city's dub community doing smash and grab nights, playing anything and everything. Christmas 87 however, sounds (like sands) were shifting

You're in an offy thieving cider that contained zero apples, entire streets adorned with the cosy glow of Christmas lights. Bump into a friend of a friend who tells us about a bash on. This lad turned away to head off, then turned back and muttered something akin to "got a bag of E's here, fancy moving an amount if i tick you up?". So these are "E's"? All the Sheffield Utd lads were caning them and the trans-Pennine express was in full effect. Duck into a side alley, count out a bunch, work out the profit margin and the next thing we're inside this decrepit gaff necking em. I forgot the approaching space-time loop ahead bird watching, age being what it was, glugging cans. Approximately 90minutes later, sat on a broke sofa with my sister and mates jammed all over this thing, the gods appeared to the soundtrack of Carly Simon

What the fuck is happening? Everything (for about ten minutes) went into blue-scale, ie every colour shifted into a spectrum of blues, nothing else. Don't panic, keep it to yourself. Nope, everything is still blue. All too quickly we all realised it was too late - why was Dik pawing at the arm of the sofa like a cat? Why are we all pulling absurd faces? What the fuck is this RHYTHM? In unison like paramilitaries, a dozen of us started grooving like dementia patients on this stair landing. Add swinging black trenchcoats and jack booted green mohawks, rastas beaming like big kids who'd discovered the secret waveform to the universe. Acid and speed wasn't this. Instead of a slap across the face, a rapturous euphoric hug steam-rolled you into the liberation of dance. At some point, time slipped out of consciousness entirely (the bike chain's off, why peddle?)
DANCE YOU CUNT. Cue Peter Bown

Pupils prolapsing, the thump on Strafe descending deeper and deeper into a woozy, crystalised zone, utterly mesmerised. A holy ghost flaming a fire-spirit in your soul that i still can't find the language for, your entire being locked into

1000 ft up in the ether, looking down at myself and friends. Seeing dreds, red adidas trackies, bomber jackets, a mullet or 2, constellations of souls (every man and woman is a star) altered ineffably. Commence to snap back down some kind of vertical reality-ladder into the 'now' with Bam Boo's It's All in Your Mind

So, so pickled. Relentless rhythm you could not disengage from, then an ethereal daydream of a tune with enough sub to make the walls wobble and dust spirals pirouette from ceilings in the half-light....... Suburban Knight's The Groove

Hours pass, sliding in and out of kick drums like the possessed. Enter Frequency by Lil Louis

The most unexpected element was daybreak. What? When? People's faces lit up, beaming. Dribbling, sweaty wrecks. How can a human being move like this serpent, be consumed so viscerally in whatever synthesis we all just passed through? Caucasian Walk by the Virgin Prunes as the last record was a genius touch, punks po-going, jouissance alive in thick arm swirls and ripped jeans crab-walking there way to mania

I can't remember the walk to Sylvia's greasy spoon for pots of tea, jibber-jabba and stupid sized joints. Overall (in the most personal and collective sense), something inconceivable that you couldnt even identify yet had changed our tiny army of scallies, pikeys, Sikhs and crooners irrecoverably. A mass conversion event. Tune-hunting what we'd heard that night was now one of the fundamental pillars of existence

Alhamdulillah - we're all in mate, balls deep


Cat Malogen
Wheels within wheels. A mate sent a tune-pool manifest over and it doesn't even cover 88 yet. With yt links no doubt failing over the course of time, these all have their merits (minor text jihad) and 87 unless stated otherwise

E.S.G. - Moody - 1982
E.S.P. - Its You (Vocal) - 1986
Housemaster Boyz - House Nation - 1986
Master C & J - Face It - 1986
Risque Rhythum Team - The Jackin&apos Zone - 1986
52nd Street - Can't Afford - 1984
Blaze - Whatcha Gonna Do - 1986
Adonis - No Way Back - 1986
Boris Badenough - Hey Rocky! (Extended)
C.T. Satin - I Found A Friend (Club Mix)
Nick Siano & Sofonda C. - Pick It Up
Yellow House - Jack My Body (Body Mix #1)
Yellow House - Jack My Body (Body Mix #3)
Chakk - Take your time - 1986
Julian Perez & Bad Boy Bill - Mega Mix
Matt Warren - Bang The Box (Bang The House Mix)
Bam Boo - Bam Boo (Club Mix)
Lenny D & Tommy Musto - Everything Bamboo (Club Version)
Legend - The Journey
Loleatta Holloway - So Sweet
White Knight - White Knight Jacks (Club Mix)
Obscure Mastermix - Lets Build A House
Raze - Jack Up Work Your Body
Victor Romeo - You Cant Fight My Love (Radio Mix)
E.O. Crew - Love Turntable (Club)
John Rocca - I Want It To Be Real (Farleys Hot House Piano)
Liz Torres featuring Edward Crosby - Cant Get Enough (Club)
Stars On 25 Part II - The Underworld Medley
T.J. - I Dub Again (Basement Mix)
Full House - Communicate (A.T. & T. Mix)
Jungle Wonz - Time Marches On (Vocal)
Movement Featuring Lee Genesis - Magic (Vocal)
2 House People featuring Cynthia M - Move My Body
2 Puerto Ricans A Blackman And A Dominican - Do It Properly (Fierce Club Mix)
8th Avenue - Mean Season
On The House - Give Me Back The Love
Pleasure Pump - Fantasize Me (Club Mix)
Prestige featuring Brandi - Take My Love (Take Chips Mix)
Professor Funk & The House Brothers - Work Your Body (Rap Your Body)
Ralphi Rosario - You Used To Hold Me
Tambi - The House Music Anthem (Club Dub Mix)
Turntable Terror Trax Vol. 2 - Lets Begin
Dezz And Grant - The House Is On Fire
Duane And Co - Funk N The House
Farley Jackmaster Funk - U Ain't Really House (House Version)
Farley Jackmaster Funk - U Ain't Really House (Really House)
Gallifré - 117 (House Beats)
Gallifré - Night Beats (House Rhythm)
Julian Jumpin Perez - Jack Me Till I Scream (Bad Boy Mix)
Julian Jumpin Perez - Jack Me Till I Scream (Jumpin' Mix)
Loleatta Holloway - So Sweet (Intro And Remix)
Xperiment - Karn Evil #10 (Club)
Xperiment - Karn Evil #10 (Dub)
Hotline - Rock This House (Dub Mix) - 1986
Mr Lee And Company - Shoot Your Best Shot (Club)
Phuture - Acid Tracks
Rhythim Is Rhythim - The Dance (The Living Room Mix)
Turntable Terror Trax - Lets Begin
Turntable Terror Trax - Stevens Overture
Bad Boy Bill - Jack It All Night Long
Farley ''Jackmaster'' Funk - Hey Norton (Aw Shucks) (Vocal House)
Paris Grey - Don't Make Me Jack (Dub Mix)
Ramos - The Jackin' National Anthem (Jackin' Mix)
Two Of A Kind - Housepipe
Two Of A Kind - Like This
Tyree - I Fear The Night (Fear The Dub Mix)
Cultural Vibe - Power (Club Vibe)
Beatmasters - Rok Da House (Junies Dub)
Cultural Vibe - Power (Club Vibe)
Denise Motto - Tell Jack (Jack The House) (Club)
Exit - Let's Work It Out (Performance Mix)
Farley Jackmaster Funk & Rick Dillard - It's You (House Mix)
Jonnie Coleman - There's Gonna Be A Showdown (Shakira's Big Apple Mix)
Duane And Co - J.B. In Heat
Michael Griffin Feat George Karchmer & Khrissie Henderson - Close Your Eyes (Matt-N-Steve House Mix)
MK-2 - D.S.T.M. (Don't Stop The Music) (Club Mix)
Mr Lee & Kompany - Can You Feel It
Phuture - Your Only Friend
Strafe - Outlaw
T-Coy - Cariño
Chicago Trax - Chicago Trax Megamix (Chicago Hot Mix)
Chicago Trax - Chicago Trax Megamix (Floor Smoker Mix)
Fast Eddie Smith - Jack The House (Jack Mix)
Kreem - Triangle Of Love (Dub) - 1986
Professor Funk - Visions (Club Edit)
Sweet D - Crazy D (Insane Mix)
2 Puerto Ricans, A Blackman & - Do It Properly (Def Mix)
A.L.S. - Make Your Body Move (Club Mix)
Antonio Suarez Jr. & Hector Vargas - Friends (Radio Version)
Candy J - Desire (Club Desire Mix)
Children - Work The Box (Original 4 Track Club 12'' Mix)
Duane & Co. - J. A. B. Traxx - 1986
Duane & Co. - J. B. Traxx - 1986
Eddie Flashin Fowlkes - Goodbye Kiss (House Mix)
Finchley Road - Infectious
Full House - Communicate (Club Mix)
House People - Jack Me Frankie (Chip E Mix)
J.M. Silk - She's So Far Away (12 Mix)
J.M. Silk - She's So Far Away (12'' Mix)
Mike Dunn - Dance You Mutha (Bam The Dub For The Club)
Mike Dunn - Dance You Mutha (Radio Mutha)
Mink - Rhythem Method (Club Method)
Sandy Anderson - It's Over (I'm Through) (Club Mix)
West Phillips - Tell Me (That You Want Me) (Club)
Chris Bam Bam Westbrook - Round And Round (House Mix)
Joe Smooth - Goin' Down (Club Mix)
Mr. Lee - I Can’t Forget (Club)
Cut To Shock - Jack Be Nimble
Dalis - Rock Steady (Original 12 Inch Version)
Marshall Jefferson - House Your Body - 1986
No Name - Hypnotic House (House Nation Mix)
House To House featuring Kym Mazelle - Taste My Love (Tasty Club Mix)
Bamboo - It's All In Your Mind (That Mix)
Bamboo - It's All In Your Mind (This Mix)
Cece Rogers - Someday (club mix)
Obsession - I Just Can't Quit Loving You (It's Ain't House Mix)
Robert Owens - I'm Strong (House Mix)
Joey Washington - All For You
Jomanda - I'll Give It To You (Come Get It) (Seduction Mix)
Reese & Santonio - The Sound (Smoothe Mix)
BNC - House Ain't Giving Up (Dean Anderson mix)
Mark Imperial And Dennis Ramirez - Rock This House (House Nation Club Mix)
Masters At Work - Alright Alright (Club Mix)
Ellis 'D' - My Loleatta (Bitch Version)
Ragtyme Featuring T.C. Roper - Fix It Man (Build A House Mix)
White Knight - Gonna Jack (club)
Patrick Adams - Jack In The Bush
Pulse - Shut Up Already! (Fierce Mix)
Children - Freedom (Factory Mix)
Mario Smokin Diaz - Let's Do It (Club Vocal Mix)
itro Deluxe - House Mission
Nitro Deluxe - Mission (Say Your Love)
Nitro Deluxe - On A Mission
Screamin' Rachael - Fun With Bad Boys (Jack Me Bad Boy Mix)
Two Of A Kind - You Kinda Large
Blaze - If You Should Need A Friend (Movin Mix)
Hokus Pokus - House It Up
React - Love Reaction (Vocal Reaction)
Risque III - Risque Madness
Suburban Knight - The Groove (Pan Mix)
Ten City - Devotion (Bam Bam's House Mix)
Ten City - Devotion (Club Mix)
DZ's Pump Girls - Beat The Street (Underground Mix) - 1986
Nez Martin - One In, One Out That's The Way It Goes Club The Way
Tony Sineni - Rhythm Of The Beat (House Mix)
Armando - Land Of Confusion (Confusion Mix)
Libra Libra - I Am Music (Club Mix)
Lil Louis - Frequency (Vocal)
Andre Wade - The Flight Of Jacking Your Body (Club Mix)
Fascination - Why You Wanna Go
Rhythim Is Rhythim - Strings (Flam-Boy-Ant Mix)
Rhythim Is Rhythim - Strings Of Life (Piano Mix)
Dean Anderson - Don't Stop
Kevin Irving - Children Of The Night
Paris Grey - Reach For Your Dreams (Club Mix)
Pleasure Zone - Fuck Charley
Two Of A Kind - Somewhere In West Hell
A Black Man, A Black Man And Another Black Man - I Believe
Bam-Bam - Give It To Me (Club Mix)
Bam-Bam - Give It To Me (Street Mix)
Fingers, Inc. - A Love Of My Own (Extended Club Mix)
Fingers, Inc. - A Love Of My Own (Inst. Mix)
Ex-Sample - And So It Goes
Fred Brown - Roman Days
Keith Anderson - Jack Your Back
Master C & J - In the City (12″ club mix)
Puccii - The Power Of Love (Ice Mental Mix)
Frankie Knuckles feat. Jamie Principle - Baby Wants To Ride
John Rocca - Move (Landlord House Mix)
Mr. Fingers - Slam Dance
KC Flightt - Jazzy Thing (Dope Dub Mix)
Mark Imperial - I Can Feel The Music (Club House Mix)
Masters At Work - Dum Dum Cry (Dum Club Version)
Denise Motto - Tell Jack (Jack The House) (Club)
Fast Eddie, Tyree And Chic - The Whop (House In The House Mix)
House Gang - House People
House Gang - Workin My Body (House Mix)
John Rocca - Move (Farley's House Piano Mix)
Larry Joseph - Move & Groove (Vocal)
London House - Doing It Properly Is XTC
Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge - It's All Right (Dub)
Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge - It's All Right (House Mix)
Fantasy Club - Mystery Girl (Club Mix)
Fantasy Club - Mystery Girl (House Mix)
Ralphi Rosario Hex Complex - I Want Your Love


Cat Malogen
After that listy mclist dump, time for a temporal handbrake jockey turn outward and inward

You’ve all heard parts of the following. Tunes that reflect your own movement in life. The immediate, the favourite piece of a parent, a random song playing while getting dumped hard. RAW and reality tunnels. The accumulation of all you listen to and hear. Spacetime in sound

My old man’s favourite. He was one of those blokes who‘d take a piece of crap tape-player on holiday to north Wales so he could get his blues and jazz on. When he was ill (and not to get all English), you could bring him into whatever unpained sense of “now” there is in life with Ssh/Peaceful. It got semi-retired because of the association, hence the inclusion

My Mum’s, complete opposite type. Being a Brit and a hun, the Friday night ritual whereby the entire neighbourhood stank of chip frying oil, fish and vinegar, wasn’t a factor so much at home. A weekend ahead and then oh no Jesus, not the plastic-Hoop shite man again. There are worse offenders

Which brings us into 1988. Have to drop the scousers in as I’m married to one la and this record seems to have aged slightly better than what follows on from it during excruciating moments of humility. Important to confront such matters of perfect awfulness head on, so

Whose idea when Yosser Hughes had already nailed it?

The drip of a voice that is Chris de fucking Burgh. Anaemic, bleached of meaning Norman cunt, except this was playing in the background when getting fucked off by a gf on her front doorstep. I can’t escape its orbit of misery so, by definition and remit of the thread, you should endure it too

It gets worse. An early boozer jukebox classic for the drunk and the lost. The alcoholic couple who couldn’t make their minds up if they were fighting or making up in our local, invariably put this on at last orders. Her voice sounds like animal cruelty and I smell woodbines and vomit in its echoes, pint glasses cracking as the unpulled masses unthethered out into the night

Was going to add Astral Weeks, a dose of Van for brevity, but fuck it. Let the joy and the awfulness guide you
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Thinking more brought on by featured drunk couple, Andrew Liles has a piece that captures their interactions perfectly if you substituted accents. The ugliness of alcohol. Ruddy faced, dribbling into a full ash tray. Euphoric then down down into belligerency, circling oblivion all day every day around the half-cut mark. Or worse. Eating crisps together, bimbling over to your table drooling how they knew someone’s sister was a slag. Then getting knocked out, banned, only to reappear a few weeks later. Every so often he’d slip off his stool or get mardy at some unseen slight around the pool table. A bully and a hag. Memories of lost souls shimmer in the opening of



Cat Malogen
Overall and to summarise a pub detour, the definitively appalling pub tune assault on your addled senses has to be Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell. A fold-in curse of operatically hexed dimensions. Just add buying single cigarettes off the landlord who’d sell them individually for 10p, continuous eruptions of maiming violence and some paralytic cunt crying against the crumbling dartboard, holding onto it like a deformed, stranded mountaineer of the depths

Hideous and 9minutes of hideousness at that



Cat Malogen
Of a time, amplified by specific boozers that had feral craic.

Pubs with heavy varnish plywood panels across every possible surface. 1000's of shades of beige and grey, painted radiators in brown. Fake 18thcentury replica window lamps, junkies o.d'ing in the toilets. Vernon Arms was a liminal location on a ridgeway crossroads, complete mix of the city drank there. You could buy anything - guns, an ounce of heroin "banging gear duck" (why of course), blotters off the remnants of trench-coated industrialist/squat/anarcho. Heavy yardie presence, kittens on pool tables carried round by working girls. And always the haze of fag smoke, trodden away worn carpet flooring, gaggles of cut-throat and traumatised regulars

Early days of microwavable pasties. All day breakfeast served until 10pm. The glow of copper, bronze, gold and honey hues in among the spirit racks, yet it always seemed night. Pints of porter which is quite rare now through to usual piss lager, bitter, jugs of smirnoff and coke. Glug a pint of mixed spirits in one after a hoofing speed binge, semi-passing out still jawing stood up. Thieves and fences, pimps calling in haranguing on weekends, yet you could 75% relax. Lost palace of vice to a supermarket buy out

Pubs clustering in Radford and Hyson Green were dub dens. Blend with every other background of human and Forest being a regular glory club = good times. Brian Clough slaughtering the media. A decent amount of old victorian gaffs which you get a monthly deal on for pittance, intermixed with new builds over a series of rises. A vast cannabis and hash empire, eaten at weekends for mania and heroin always a booth away

To inspire how people pushed back, hip-hop world firing as it was, an outstanding documentary here gang on the leading crew........ NG83



Cat Malogen
“Your Mum and Dad were tripping bruv”

Detour for a few classics. Everyone has at least some inheritance from previous generations if you’ve hunted for music. One person’s Exile on Main St is another’s manure, but such brush strokes are too broad overall for our endeavours. 1st up is a Stones/related pick due to a surreal biography - the worn tape playing when I learned my parents had been busted by mates tripping with their cronies - Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka

From the off, it still resonates as a rush. Your imagination casting up lines of calabash-shaped carnyx, a fire cracking atmosphere of wtf. And then the drums hit. Mesmeric rapture and whatever the tape effect to get that swirling latency was/is, it works. After 10 minutes, it changes gears like a stoned joyrider. Much softer pipes with a delicate, unfolding lead harmony line, embedded among splutters, dogs and claps. Immersive enchantment. Music to play in the dark before Sleazy and Balance’s creation

First exposure? No idea. When you hear that much quieter pipe lead come in, that’s the time stamp when my Mum screamed through a door that a friend was on the phone. Coiled up cabling, said friend opens up with words akin to “no-one’s on the kitchen phone bruv? Ok, your ‘rents and their crew were up Mam Tor Saturday and.....”, the moment you understand how little you understand


Cat Malogen
Hippy attack


A dream within a dream and a playing contribution list of cosmically gargantuan proportions. Think it’s stood the test of time too. You hear music from so many different sources through your life and Crosby’s work seemed to span key years. When I learned later of the accident that resulted in so much personal loss for the man, how people rallied round to support - building on the whole PERRO/David and the Dorks pantheon that was already well rinsed - the mind boggles how this record ever made it to the pressing plant

Subsequent additions to excluded versions of previously recorded material with Garcia add to its allure. The mythical tape whose contents only got the green light after some hippy campaigning. In a rain-soaked, tepid pool of piss that these islands have historically situated themselves in, not many dreamy allusions/illusions crack through our murky, low grey skies of cynicism. Crosby et all did, as the sun on the sleeve suggests


I don't fight, I run away
Change of mood. How this arrived is almost impossible to figure except it was possibly via someone at school while stoned (forgive me father for i have sinned). An accumulator. You know those song/tracks that grow on you, but you missed for one reason or from lack of concentration? Psychedelic Shack was popular with a few of my mate's Mums, then my sister played the lp one night getting ready to go out on the piss. I knew the sleeve, i'd just never listened to it properly, attentively and clear-minded. There are so many records from that period that were the remnants of northern soul networks, records handed down from younger adults and older siblings of friends, but if i had to choose my favourite (that isn't even a dance-floor and talc number) it's

That slinky, cat-like tempo is groovetastic, pop pickers. It moves up through the gears sublimely. Sweltering lead guitar work. Church vibes come at you. A pastor of a kind starts up and when he states "here come the good part", you're no longer hanging out of a window sneaking a fag, you're out past the orbit of Saturn, you're swimming 10,000 fathoms down with Poseidon and all the other gods. Who doesn't want a piece of that action.

Psychedelic Shack is great. So are all the subsequent albums with Norman Whitfield (except Sky's The Limit perhaps). I have all those separately – but I recently discovered that all the killer tracks are on a double CD compilation, Psychedelic Soul, which I have just got and am now listening to. This may well be the greatest single artist compilation ever made (y):)(y)


Can turn naughty
Psychedelic Shack is great. So are all the subsequent albums with Norman Whitfield (except Sky's The Limit perhaps). I have all those separately – but I recently discovered that all the killer tracks are on a double CD compilation, Psychedelic Soul, which I have just got and am now listening to. This may well be the greatest single artist compilation ever made (y):)(y)

Whitfield was the man. Especially love the stuff he did with The Undisputed Truth who he tested out his more experimental ideas with


Cat Malogen
Re-Crosby, the tune that's stuck, the one that i can revisit a few times a year, is the lyric-less Kids and Dogs bootleg. It's warm out, so trip with Dave

.......Orange isn't always sketchy....

Club 1850 - Paradise Now. Another to filter down through countercultural archive fragments. Soul-flight moment is "?!" and the wiggle that follows it. Every now and again you could find this in psych-crates, battered and frayed, going for around 50p. Turn it up and enjoy



Cat Malogen
Fuck you lot, i'm on a roll

Pharaoh Sanders - any number of releases. Karma, Jewels of Thought (what a title), Thembi and Black Unity to name a few and we could all add more. As we've had Sun Ra, Alice and John Coltrane, it's definitely time for a dose of Pharaoh

For the flute/horn harmonics and a lesson in repetition as trance state. Even here, repetition is the foundation structure for PS to blow your consciousness into tomorrow. Another figure to masterly force the murk out of your rain-sodden, draw-riddled mind. Huge thank you goes out to Pete Woosh rip from DiY who continually played Pharaoh in their horizontal tent, lending the maestro a whole new level of cosmic