The ironic synth boys mentioned... you could include 0PN with Ed dmx and legowelt ... have a sincere retro attachment to music that was always emotionally awkward and affected, that was already emotional artifice. It’s not as simple as pastiche


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i know 2 different people, from different contexts, who really want to move to the netherlands: "it's like the UK, just better..." seems to be the line.


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Luka nearly won the thread with Nigel and delibidinising spam face but rudewhy just took the ball and started running rings around him

i can't get into it today cos a)its my birthday and b)i dont want to steal rudewhys joys away c)the music is fine like i keep saying i just think version is giving the honour of a dissenesus thread way very lightly. its basically like being the cover star for the month.


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I know Mark from a long, long time ago. He was the biggest techno snob out there, this skinny wee lad from sunny Suffolk (Bury St Eds). He could play a mean techno set like few others though. Subhead, 2CB, DJAX, to be fair loads of old US ghetto obscurities but used the moniker Spider. You can’t have that name.

The thing that’s genuinely funny is that despite mixing with the likes of Smokescreen and DiY, despite signing on and living in wagons living the ketamine techno life, he was *holds hand above head* at this level of snobbery about House in general. He served his sound system dues, but never in a million years would I have seen him make paint it by numbers bland 4x4 jackers. If he appropriated anything, it’s House in general.

Legowelt - hit and miss. Love his mixes



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What I admire about interviews w him is his refusal to be married to a process. Though I think I appreciate his ethos more than his tunes


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Mark is wicked (one of the best techno djs ever) and honestly most people getting offended at Marquis Hawkes were white liberals (not all but most) looking for absolution. I begin to get tired of these libs because they spend so much time obsessing over race as ontologically prior that it makes them actively racist after a point. They build borders, then think acknowledging that they've built the border means they can call it progress.

Still wouldn't pick Marquis Hawkes as a name though, cos it sounds dorky but hey.

@WashYourHands evidently he was a fan of Kenny Hawkes!

But yes, I agree with you, his house has never been my bag and if he appropriated anything it was house. But I'm not going to deny the influence his techno sets had on me. Sure there are problematic people padraig and co. really musically obsess/admire from the chicago orbit. I get miphed by people who try and conduct politics on the cultural ground. Ironically that is what Douglas P does.
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jesus christ that marquis hawkes asshole

off-topic rant incoming so just skip if you want, but even tho it's just some dumb house record from 8 years ago it makes me angry as a Chicagoan

Cabrini-Green was not just "some housing estate in Chicago". it was a nationally famous emblem of everything wrong with housing projects, a dog whistle bogeyman. Candyman used it as a synonym for urban deprivation. in the early 80s the mayor briefly and infamously moved into an apartment there as a publicity stunt (supposedly after she moved out, drug dealers took over the apartment the cops had heavily fortified for her, tho that part may be urban legend). long since torn down - besides one very sad, fenced in, heavily policed stretch of rowhouses - and turned into luxury housing for yuppies, along with a couple token mixed-income buildings. I find it hard to believe some European asshole doing Chicago house pastiche would randomly settle on it. there are (or were) plenty of housing projects, as we call estates in the city. why not call your record Robert Taylor Homes or Stateway Gardens, or some other equally fucked up, long since demolished, less famous place? why not just call yourself Jackmaster [random noun] (Legowelt has such a record, iirc)? no, it's what Cabrini signified, and Marquis Hawkes sounds like a fucking 1970s blacksploitation pimp. fuck Mark Hawkins.

the other stuff in that article is gross too but that one is just unbelievable // rant over

the real Cabrini-Green (and a great piece of mid-80s drum machine rap a la "PSK" or Eazy-E, if you fancy that kind of thing)

No offence, but you're a rogue European asshole. :p - I mean your name on here is Padraig! I'm the real non-euro on here, no matter how hard Turkey tries, we'll never be part of what is accepted as Europe or the European union. Irish are massive europhiles.

Also is it really worse than gangsta rap exploiting the projects for multimillionaires, given we can all admit its cringe.

It's strange how Americans get protective over house but won't offer the same courtesy to hip hop.
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