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Saturday 11th June @ ? - The Common Place (Leeds)

Saturday 18th June @ Fusion - Stinky's Peep House (Leeds)

Saturday 2nd July @ DMZ - Brixton Mass, 3rd Base (London)

Friday 14th October - Got to keep this one under wraps for now, its going to be very big though! (Leeds)

Monday 31st October @ Hybrid - The Faversham (Leeds)

Also got other events waiting to be confirmed in Leeds and also up in Edinbrough (Big up my Scots crew!)

Will more than likely get more dates and venues to add to this as time passes as more and more people are becoming aware of the music here in Leeds and across the UK. I will make sure I keep you all updated with my proceedings.

Also make sure you show your support because it’s all good and well me grafting pushing out mix CD’s and chasing up promoters to get the bookings then nobody bothering to turn up to represent. If you really want to get a scene going here you have to come down to the events and show your face that way the promoters will see people attending the event especially for this music and be more willing to take it seriously and get the music on their bills permanently. Need to get things moving here as I know 110% it will work and I’m trying my hardest now so I would really appreciate it if people put in the effort and give a contribution which is basically representing and having a wicked night, how hard is that!

Massive shout to everyone who has time for me and also everyone who has faith in me and what I do. Massive props to the DMZ crew and all promoters in Leeds (Steppa, Scottie, Central Beetz Crew, Fusion Crew, Semi Squared, Lucie @ The Fav and everybody else) for giving me a chance. Maximum respect!

Hope to see you people in attendance!