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Gqom is still going but it is quite different now, a lot more melodic, some vocals too. Loads of tunes floating round the sites but ama is a lot bigger

Yeah that makes sense. I haven't gone to a rave since end of 2016 so I have a bit of an unbalanced relationship with dance music, tbf I've gone back to primarily concentrating on harsh scouring 90s acid, mainly for the inward psychedelia.


dj panic attack
afrohouse sound in room 1, deep tech in room 2

someone was asking what Petchy is doing now, seeing him promoting this recently. no DJs announced yet but marcus damon has been on previous livestreams and mark radford was commenting looking fwd to it...

seems to be a big link up going on here despite the dodgy branding. only antony ranz and marcus nasty announced so far but sure it'll be a stacked lineup

interested to see how these two sounds are going to combine in the raves. amapiano seems to come with its own moves that aren't a million miles away from the deep tech shapes already, looking fwd to a grown up shuffle this summer.