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Where does 'joy' exist?
Not 'Enjoy' that seems seems like it needs an external input.
What is 'joy'?
What does it event mean anymore? Some dictionary definition "a feeling of great pleasure and happiness "
Did it ever mean anything?
Was it ever there?
Tricky - "No drugs or pharmaceuticals, for the body, ain't suitable"

natural 'Joy' - what are the pathways?


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I'm pro moments, anti grand quests. Pro well-being, anti happiness and joy. Sysiphean concepts ultimately, bound to drive you mad.

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Cornel West pointed out the difference between pleasure and joy. The pleasure of a nice meal, the joy of watching someone you love succeed, or something to that effect.

Extrapolating from West here, but perhaps our collectively/socially established value structures privilege pleasure over joy because pleasure is more easily renewable, more basic, easily commodified, addictive.

And there was another point about the difference between seratonin and dopamine, that seratonin was released upon the completion of a goal, and that dopamine was released upon making progress toward a goal. Think it was Jordan Peterson who made that point in a lecture in his "Personality and its Transformations" course, but I could be mistaken.