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I've been listening to 500-Push-Up for a while now. Hated it on first listen, but have grown to really like it. Reminds me quite a bit of African Head Charge.

My favourite S&R album is an odd one, it's Drum and Bass Strip to the Bone by Howie B. I also quite like their album with Nil Petter Molvaer, Nordub. I don't think I like anything else I've heard by Howie B.



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I haven't read this yet so idk if it'll make my toes curl but I expect it won't. Big long interview with Sly Dunbar from Joshua Minsoo Kim of Tone Glow newsletter which is best thing around on experimental music rn (that I'm aware of anyway).

Sidebar: substack subscription based "magazines" seems to be a new format that's working for a fair few people. Heard lots of great stuff via Tone Glow.

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couple of 80s/90s top 40 crossover stormers

This is much maligned by boring suburban uncle types who think they know. Absolute belter of a tune.

Massive number 3 hit in the UK.
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john eden

male pale and stale
Wild mid 80s funk under their own names. Also a cheeky Brion Gysin reference why not.

Number 12 pon your top 40. With Shinehead and Bootsy Collins.
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