burn new zealand


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someone i knew has moved their a-fucking-gain, i detest it when londoners do this. now there's no way i can ask them to arrange a meet up with their peng mum so we can go cloak and dagger with this bone snatch ting.

fucking wasteman country. why do people like it? kiwis are shit. Please enlighten us Luke. also it's full of really weird english people who can't spell their names properly. dizgusting.


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best country in the world. i only came back becasue i was too happy there and i thought my soul would grow too slack without the requisite amount of suffering.


That guy behind him...


1. (verb) to stare wildly, dilate the eyes - done by both genders when performing haka and waiata to emphasise particular words and to add excitement to the performance.
Ka mea atu te mōkai rā, ‘He hahaka nōu, he ruhi nōu i te pūkanatanga.' (TAH 9/1963:24). / The slave said, ‘You have tired yourself doing the haka and the pūkana.'