is not like other people
he's amazing in my favourite film Django Unchained I'd insult you all if it wasn't christmas.


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I think he can be pretty good but I he torpedos a few what would be fine performances with an awful accent. Usually not even needed either, the character would make sense if he just used his normal voice. he does nail it in django though. The departed too because I imagine Scorsese has enough sway to tell him to cool it with the voice. you know he wouldve done a really awful thick boston accent if he could


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I was watching 28 weeks later and they made idris elba do an american accent even though the film took place in london


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Some of the greatest "actors" like Meryl Streep and Micheal Sheen are basically glorified mimics.


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With him lived Jack Laws, a would-be drifter. Jack had a patch of pure white at the back of an otherwise dark head of hair. His success with certain people was based largely on this genetic misconjecture. It was the mark, the label, the stamp, the sign, the emblem of something mysterious.

"Adorable useless Jack."