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He was another one who was actually really beautiful when he played the eye candy in that silly film by the Airplane guys. In the "Are comedies always about losers" thread I said that there is a kind of winner that can work in a film (maybe not over the course of a whole series) when the character if funny by virtue of being impossibly handsome, cool, witty, talented etc and always comes out on top with amazing style. And I suggested Carey Elwes' character in The Princess Bride as an example, but Kilmer's character in that film... is it Top Secret? That might be another.



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My mum always used to go on about Val Kilmer's "beautiful lips" in Batman Forever.



Is Karl Urban his real name? It's up there with Jack Law as one of the most macho names I've heard.
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Or it's almost the opposite, he is classically good looking but that's different from the paradigm that has been the dominant one in Hollywood for decades.
I wasn't being figurative referring to Botticelli, young Spader literally looks like a Botticelli portrait

full lips, angelic features, feathered hair
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