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Surprised we don't already have a thread on him tbh. Key figure for the 2010s. Anyway,

After scoring one of the most critically acclaimed film scores of recent history Uncut Gems in 2019, artist and producer Daniel Lopatin is back with his new album Magic Oneohtrix Point Never.

Named as a reference to a misheard play on words of Boston’s Magic 106, it is a nostalgic reference to radio landscapes. Loosely structured on radio's journey from day into night, it is interspersed with digital hallucinations that appear as ghosts between the dials. Collaging together archival recordings of various American FM station’s “format flips”, in which detourned DJ sign-offs collide with advertisements and self-help mantras to form darkly humorous reflections on American music culture.



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This guy (it's a guy, right?) might have made the most amazing electronic music of all time for all I know, but he also has the most annoying artist name ever. Sorry, but no way in hell am I ever going to listen to music by "Oneohtrix Point Never".

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Is it druggy? Luka might like that if it’s a good thing to vape a microdose of a cocktail of DMT and GHB and continental poetry.

Probably he would hate it though.
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I wasn't too into the last album, Age Of. It had its moments, but I didn't like the move into pop and greater emphasis on vocals. The Safdie soundtracks and some of the stuff on the EPs were more my thing. Returnal, Replica, R Plus Seven, Garden of Delete is probably his best patch, although I like a lot of the earlier stuff too.



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Hard to gauge these things, but he seems to have been a big influence on 'internet music' (or whatever you want to call it) and aesthetics. The (semi-)ironic fetishisation of certain aspects of the 80s and 90s, e.g. video nasties, Carpenter soundtracks. The vids are littered with consciously 'weird', ironic comments, video game references etc from accounts with anime avatars and whatnot.

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This makes me feel like I'm trapped in a dungeon with Princess Zelda.

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Caroline is like a magical goose

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Jack Oliver 4 years ago
I only listen to linkin park and oneohtrix point never.

William Scerbo 5 years ago
i for one welcome our new slime alien overlords. beam me up danny
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He started to move into the 2000s on G.O.D. and it didn't have quite the same pull. I dunno whether that was down to Korn et al just being much less interesting reference points or because it wasn't really his era so he didn't have the necessary connection to make them as interesting. Probably both.


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He's alright. Better than many electronic producers but still totally inessential as far as I'm concerned.

I liked the soundtrack to Good Times but probably wouldn't listen to it in isolation from the film.