Ballardian architecture thread


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Not recent, but I kinda like this:

amazing. there are outright morlock and eloi levels


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20 minutes max journey time between any two points. So a 500kph+ transport system down there.


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Apparently they will begin developing this year. Madness. But maybe this is how to deal with the urban sprawl problem. I'd preferred erecting city walls again, but that proposal seems like a lost cause in European cities.

The layered layout, however, is just another iteration of the failed functionalism of post-war urban planning.

Then again I suppose there do exist people on this planet longing for a smart home in a smart city with MBS at the control panel.


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This thread is shaping up with the photos. I remember seeing La Grande Motte on maps when I was living in the south of France, but I gravitated more toward a seaside town called Palavas-les-Flots, perhaps out of some atavistic attraction to Blackpool, the main seaside town in Lancashire where I grew up.


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This thread is shaping up with the photos.
Love this one,


Great description in the article too,

"The site’s concrete immensity and inwardness are certainly Ballardian. Geraniums, agapanthus, bougainvillea and prickly pear colonize the balconies in these becalmed residential towers, where no life seemed to stir, and palm trees flourish on some of the stepped aerial platforms. From some angles, down below at ground level, the complex looks like a blank-surfaced, monumentally futuristic reimagining of a Mesoamerican pyramid, or one of Max Ernst’s petrified lost cities sinking into the jungle. Anything could be going on up there."


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yeaH it's a good article. I do remember that there was a lot of odd architecture in that part of the south. there'd be a new school building with rippling curves and glass in the middle of nowhere surrounded by vineyards. i was just looking at pictures of the polygone in montpellier very near where i was living, which is exactly the kind of thing ballard is quoted as hating in the article - mock-classical chaos with green glass everywhere

maybe a bit like wandering round canary wharf while more aware you're in europe. this pic maybe gives a sense of the scale of conception

all the two big circles and colossal arch at the end were new build, distinct from the red roofs of the old city further back.


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that massive arch-like bulding at the bottom there reminds me that while the historical centre of paris is more or less untouched, they do have a lot of modern business buildings in La Defence, including an even more mental arch building

relatively neat hausmannised paris in the foreground complete with square. hello owen hatherly hope you're reading this.