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This guy's basically bang on for the exact thing I was taking the piss out of,

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Fun fact: in the early 2010’s there was a study done by several scientists to find the most realistic psychopath in cinema history. After about 400 movies, the team concluded that Anton Chigurh was the most realistic. Most psychos in movies did crazy stuff for entertainment. But Anton did everything with a purpose, and never wasted a second he was on screen. One of the scientists said in the study “Anton doesn’t feel any remorse. In almost every movie we watched the killer either had to think about why they killed or it was over exaggerated about how much they loved to kill. But Anton was different. He genuinely was emotionless and showed no signs of remorse for what he did. For all that was known he didn’t care or have an emotional connection to anything. He honestly never even conducted himself to have any emotion”


The responses are just as bad,

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that and he's smart and meticulous and doesn't kill randomly. He plans his killings out and only kills if it benefits him in some way, he never kills recklessly. Psychopaths generally don't do things unless it benefits them, many people think of psychopaths as just remorseless monsters but a lot of them are smart and plan things out. That's why there's a bunch of psychopath killers are never caught and there's a lot of psychopaths that are successful in the business world and there's a psychopath that is currently sitting in the white house.
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I never, for one moment, thought the Joker was insane or crazy in this movie. He did act so, but never was so. One thing that Ledger did SO very well, was show that he, in fact, was smarter than Bruce Wayne/Batman. Even if things did not go as Joker planned, he was a master of thinking on his feet, or even just "winging it" as it were. Joker knows enough about how the mind works, to turn any weakness to his advantage. I firmly believe that Joker also knew from the start, or had an idea of whom, Batman really was. I have watched this, out of this trilogy, many, many times and I catch new things, or have had things pointed out to me. And when you piece it all together, Joker really never set a foot wrong. He had more ears in the city than the rest of the crime lords and the police combined. Ledger did such a great job, I wish we could have seen him do this one more time, may he rest in peace. I liked him as an actor before this, but this movie, this part, just, wow. He proved with this roll he was truly one of the greats.


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It's not just that these people have these thoughts but they feel the need to join in a conversation with them as if they're contributing anything. Who are these people


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corpsey! you cant post the daily prescribed twitter talking point!| we're a fuck the system forum


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this is a great example of the barberpole view of fashion/signaling thanks for sharing corpse, I never would have heard about this as an American​