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Trumpet Police
Stitch 23Sep22

1 Robert Wyatt Trickle Down

2 TLF Trio Late August, Early September

3 Charles Stepney Gimme Some Sugar

4 Marko Ahou Majok Nyanthin Muonyjang

5 Ahmed Malek Autopsie d'un complot

6 Kyle Kidd TMS

7 Dean Rodney Jr EEER

8 Pibes Chorros El pibe tuerca

9 Lucrecia Dalt Dicen

10 CC Sorensen Quantic Vision

11 Carl Stone Mouram

12 Johnny Jones,The King Casuals Purple Haze

13 Horse Lords Mess Mend

14 Panda Bear,Sonic Boom Edge of the Edge

15 Coby Sey Etym

16 Claire Rousay,More Eaze,Bloodz Boi Jailbird

17 El Sawareekh Laa

18 Amor Satyr Qunk

19 Gav & Jord,Equiknoxx No Sweat In My Sweatpants

20 Wizzbit Poppadoms

21 Durrty Goodz Cammy Riddim "End Boss"

22 Manga Saint Hilare Cammy Riddim Freestyle

23 Yeat Talk

24 Digga D, B-Lovee What You Reckon

25 J Balvin,ROSALÍA Brillo

26 Dorothy Carlos And found

26 Yung Lean Chinese Restaurant

27 Grauzone FILM 2

28 Concentration Grün im Gesicht

29 Cucina Povera & Ben Vince Muurahaiskeko

30 Grim Lusk Diving Pool

31 ROOi,Jaijiu Agite

32 Webb Crawford Free of heart center

33 Laurie Tompkins,Gwilly Edmondez Egg

34 Mica Levi Rose

Last night’s show up on MixCloud - stuff emanating from Bristol, South Sudan, Algiers, Cleveland, Argentina, Kansas, Nashville, Baltimore, Cairo, Glasgow, Paris, Geneva, Stockholm, Pereira, London, Melbourne and Sheffield


Trumpet Police
Last night’s Stitch - went in hard on the New York drill, dub techno, psychedelic rock, sound art, collage, hyperpop, highlife and Bulgarian folk… listen here - IMG_4216.jpg


Trumpet Police

Stitch set from last night on Repeater featuring the typical melange, unlikely segues and including a world premier of SILKess Demon’s brilliant new single



Trumpet Police

The Stitch recording from last night - guitars feature heavily in the fist few tracks, then some woozy electronica, then some Nigerian ‘cruise’, techno, grime/drill, ambient and East African ballads (glitches in the recording but hopefully not too distracting)



Trumpet Police

Last night’s Stitch on repeater with 35 beautiful tracks covering Hawaiian guitar, dancehall, new yorkian drill, batida, Zimbabwe house, Aphex, lost 80s numbers, hardcore, 2-step, baile funk…

1 Augustus Pablo Marabi

2 Dj Rata Piano El Mapache

3 Tego Calderón Loiza

4 Teebone Relevant

5 Intence, Zimi Yeng

6 Lucrecia Dalt No tiempo

7 Larry Lewis No Early Birds

8 Os Mulheres Negras Common Uncommunicability

9 White Light I Want You To Know Me

10 TNT Roots Tears of the Righteous

11 Angel-Ho Satisfaction, I Want

12 ToFu Productions Olo Olo

13 Amédée Ô Suriam Tension Hot-Shot - 2022 Video Edit

14 Decius,Lias Saoudi,Maggie The Cat Show Me No Tears

15 Vanyfox Banzelo na Amazonia

16 Actress Jardin

17 Astrid Øster Mortensen Morgen

18 Show Me the Body Boils Up

18 Richie Culver Goth Night At The Community Centre

19 Main Phase Run Dancehall

20 Roska Call mi

21 Ase Manual NYC Steel


23 The Dice Man Polygon Window

24 Foodman iriguchi

25 Loraine James Enfield, Always

26 Mount Kimbie,Dom Maker,Maxo Kream,Pa Salieu locked in

27 Edot Babyy Don't Play

28 Cash Cobain,Chow Lee JHOLIDAY

29 Mori Briscoe One Dance

30 Tony Bontana Even Roadmen Get Lonely (Outro)

31 Richard Dawson We Picked Apples In A Graveyard Freshly Mowed

32 caroline IWR

33 Webb Pierce Slowly

34 Sonny Chillingworth Waimea Cowboy

35 Frank Ferera Melani Anu Ka Makani


Trumpet Police

Last night’s show on Repeater on playback here - everything from Half Man Half Biscuit to Young Thug - and some Gal Costa (RIP)



Trumpet Police

New music by the likes on Manga St Hilare, Duval Timothy and Richard Dawson (twice!)…plus all the rest - last night’s Stitch set is all here.



Trumpet Police

A playback of my Football Stitch special (just finished on Repeater). Something here for fans of Coventry (including the exclusive Ndlovu remix of ‘Go for it City’), Sunderland, Leeds, Brazil, Poland, England, Leeds, Manchester Utd, Newcastle, Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea, Ireland, Dukla Prague and Altrincham.