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Last night show - which includes...Colombian juxtaposed rhythms, Malmo based godfather, Syrian and Indian bangers, Yorkshire’s low frequency oscillators, Bristol’s dubby moroder post punk, Welsh electronica, more juddering low end amapiano, Um16BDB26F-4D0A-4260-88C0-7645707C3D5E.jpeg, Lewisham and Coventry drill (plus Dr Coventry) and old and new Jamaica


Trumpet Police

Yesterday’s Crazy Stitch one year anniversary show - lots of drill, slow jams, global pop, breaks, beats, bass and bleeps.



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Last night’s offerings98451AB4-EF0F-4633-875E-91FDB85E320C.jpeg - featuring some fine guitar pluckers, Senegal improv, Madagascar cassettes, Jerusalem harmonies, Japanese water cave recordings, Psychedelic offerings, Old and new Grime instrumentals, Italian/African blues, Persian metal, Dubby fractured dance beats, Brizzle supermarket music, Melbourne and Hackney sound art, and Kilburn, Greenwich and Virginian rap


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This week’s show in numbers - four collaborations, one cover version and one remix / two Ghanaians, two Atlantans and two Hackneyites / two artists called Apple and lots of Portuguese speakers / thirty-seven tracks, two hours and one handsome DJF99BA9B9-F9E5-4E5B-A970-9E2C729683E0.jpeg


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Last night's Crazy Stitch show now up on Mixcloud. There’s lot of rapid chugging beats in this one mirroring the pattering rain on the roof of my ‘lean to’ makeshift mke/DJ booth...there’s also different shades of rap & dancehall, unnerving sound art, Rio dJ sounds old and new, some delicious North Kerry noise, nutty natty Jungle, old appliance techno as well as the contemporary versionneww ...and I was working was working with a new mic set up so there’s even more vocal hesitancy than normal...all for your pleasure (little treasure).



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Crazy Stitch bootleg cassette from last night...Chicago footwork and South African amapiano house dominate but there’s other boss stuff in between & around the edges814CB9D4-FB90-4AB4-8DC4-4DC650FA26B4.jpeg


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Here is the last Crazy Stitch show on the Neon Hospice and for a few weeks (as the Neon Hospice merges into Repeater Radio). This one has some dub, endo funk, Argentinian and Turkish folk, early collage, nu Amen hausenbreaks, Irish drill, Dizzee, Wiley, Kerry noise, Slint and 80s Scottish and Welsh indie …with a snippet of Detroit techno, UK garage, London drill and Atlanta rap thrown in.927312CF-EF57-403D-95A6-248C40487D28.jpeg


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I’ve done a very tasteful mix of tanquil global pop you might like

...radio stuff still on summer break as The Neon Hospice morphs into Repeater Radio



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Last night’s Stitch - cramming in Blackstreet, Faust, Gucci Mane, Maureen and Bunny General amongst others...


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This one D386FDA6-25BA-4BF1-8225-60B3D752905A.jpeghad slices of exotic xylophone, old Egyptian pop, dogged drill bangers, mental soundtracks, grime-infused electronica, flourishes from São Tome Island, Milan, Vietnam & Jamaica, concluding with the grunting monks of Kings Hall Leisure Centre (RIP Peter Rehberg/John Hassell)


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Last night’s Stitch - a mélange of footwork, sound art, dancehall, cumbia, ama, drill, saxy drone, electronica, collage & loops, avant rock, classic house, rap, gqom & a Thames field recording


1 DJ Manny U Want It

2 CLAIR Kelvingrove

3 Eimear Reidy Prelude

4 Will Guthrie Fognap

5 Equiknoxx, Addis Pablo Melodica Badness

6 Semiratruth RIMZ

7 Kassem Mosse Untitled C1

8 Thov G. Wetterhus Halling

9 Rắn Cạp Đuôi Aztec Glue

10 Alpha Maid WOWOWOW

11 Coby Sey Ticket

12 Skillibeng Coke

13 Dave In The Fire

14 Trio Serenata Cumbia Sobre el Mar

15 Manzanita y Su Conjunto La Caihuita

16 Smurphy Montegod Riddim

17 Caltonic SA, DJ Buckz, Thabz Le Madonga Super Star

18 Tierra Whack Walk The Beat

19 MIKE Aww (Zaza)

20 Citizen Boy Isivula Mlomo

21 Anunaku, DJ Plead Wheele

22 Ephemera Worms

23 Paul Johnson Bump Talkin'

24 Matthew Atkins Twelve Loops

25 Caterina Barbieri, Bendik Giske Fantas for Saxophone and Voice

26 Murlo Grasshopper

26 Manga Saint Hilare, Lewi B. Don't Just Sit There. Do Something.

27 5EB Lon-Don

28 Loski P.U.G

29 Unknown T WW2

30 Prince Kongo Na Biso

31 DJ Muggs, Hologram, Action Bronson Don't Ride With The Drugs

32 Jana Rush Moanin'

33 Alexis Marshall Hounds in the Abyss

34 Sophie du Palais Smash the Mirror

35. Field recording - Point Meadow (Desborough Island/River Thames) 30/5/22


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Friday’s show, which ended up having quite an eerie feel with new stuff from Space Africa, L’Rain, Low, Joy Orbison, Moin, Blanco and Position Normal - and older stuff including Spaceman 3’s (ode to Rugby) ‘big city’.

1 Obeka Aye Gombey!

2 Tipper Ever Decreasing Circles

3 Dinamarca Yeehaw

4 Mattias PÈrez, Nina PÈrez Lagespolska De Glava

5 Position Normal Books Looks

6 Tigrics My Version

7 Space Afrika, guest Rings (feat. guest)

8 Chris Clark Lord Of The Dance


10 Joey B Town

11 Stylo G Oh Lawd

12 Blanco, NSG Surveillance (feat. NSG)

13 Hailu Mergia, The Walias Nefas New Zemedie

14 Francis Bebey Assok'am

15 Aaron Dilloway, Lucrecia Dalt Tense Cuts in

16 Gia Margaret apathy

17 Spacemen 3 Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here)

18 Smurphy Summer Riddim

19 Intence Who & Dem

20 Dave Verdansk

21 SAULT London Gangs

22 Omar S Churchill

23 Zaza Nduzangou

24 Star Number One De Dakar Mathiaki

25 Joakim The Immortal Toad

26 Crazy Baby ProduÁıes Granadas

27 Vessel Red Sex

28 Young Nudy, Future Trap S**t (feat. Future)

29 L'Rain Suck Teeth

30 Dean Blunt NIL BY MOUTH

31 Joy Orbison w/ dad & frankie

32 Blectum From Blechdom Jackie

33 Moin Right Is Alright, Wrong Is To Belong

34 From Nursery To Misery Aeroplanes

35 Low Disappearing

36 Field Recording Seoul October2017


Trumpet Police

Last night’s Stitch show
….a tale of two halves:
first is a high tempo gegen-pressing mix of Afro beats, drill, footwork and baile;
second, a more cagey affair with bursts of collage, flute, sax, strings, piano and some psychic rumblings.



Trumpet Police

Last night’s Crazy Stitch…Lee Perry features heavily (4 tracks) with other bits including new footwork, drill, zamrock, jungle, dancehall, trap, trad rap, soul, Sudanese pop, abstract noise, krumble and techno