Colons & semi colons.

I'm ambivalent about it. Generally I don't mind too much if it's a 'natural' error or simple laziness. So saying "Why don't you and me go to the pub?" is technically wrong, but it's not ugly, because it's a normal, natural sentence. But "It's high time for a pub trip for you and I" is like nails being dragged down a blackboard. I just cannot stand hypercorrection. Really hate it.

Similarly, "These are Toms shoes" - again, technically wrong, but doesn't bother me. The omission of something that should be there is no big deal.

But "These are Tom's shoe's" - when there's something there that shouldn't be there - aargh, hate it.
Yeah I basically feel the same. maybe this is because the brain is built to / enjoys filling in missing info but it’s taxing to filter out complexity.


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since dissensus is inverted snobs we obv all think grammar Nazis are cunts don’t we?
true, although most of us also have to write for the non-dissensus world, where we can't be as grammatically freeform.
Why are luka’s posts so entertaining? Because he’s free. Why is he free? Same reason he starts threads like this one


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without looking it up - they're stand-alone sentence elements

let's list some punctation marks: semi-colons, with all their asymmetry; colons, like equals signs reduced to points