heat party in tompkins square park this saturday afternoon, june 11th


Beast of Burden
i ran into greg poole tonight

said he's doing a heat party this saturday afternoon, june 11th

totally free for the public, from 2pm to 6pm -- in tompkins square park

w/ benny ill (forward, tempa uk)

eddie stats (heavyweight sessions)

and of course greg and dinesh

w/ mc's deadly crisis and lucky

(i think lucky's very charismatic, very sexy girl = real-deal club star material)

also, greg said the only reason they did last party at crash mansion was to fulfill contractual obligation

next party will be in williamsburg, possibly at rocky's on kent avenue (where the absolutely brilliant roots manuva after party was held) or else at overland trade (same place as february party)

so looks like they'll be throwing parties at the kinds of venues they should have been working with all along