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is not like other people
i was listening to this just the other day not on cdr though

john eden

male pale and stale
I think @luka has decreed this poster’s later work out of bounds but I think his first self published effort should be in the bunker.E0B99FC6-729A-48A1-96BD-86748B3FD921.jpeg


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if its self-published its allowed yes. we're not linking to guardian articles or verso profiles though thank you very much!


harco pronting
Oh yeah, I got Thrusters too and his new one and some of the twelve inch singles too. I'm pretty sure I flicked past Thrusters when I was looking for the Woebot one but now i can't find that either.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure (can you confirm @nochexxx?) that he heard the Cola Duck sample when I played it to him.

Killer use I think anyhow - I love it.

quite possibly, back in those days, I was sampling everything I had without thinking of any legal consequences. great record!


Ooops sorry, didn't mean to give anything away that could get you in trouble... I mean the Bernard Szajner thing IS a killer record and the proceeds just go to Amnesty International so what's the harm?
I'm joking, truly love Cola Duck and I played it in Lisbon a few times, pitched down a bit though - I don't think most of them here could take the full thing.