DJ Negative Skills modular mix on the Neon Hospice




I just turned it on for a sec and it sounded good but I would like to hear the full version when it's archived.


is not like other people
watch this space for the next extractor fan broadcast featuring hypnotic anti-aphantasic visuals from a special guest


is not like other people
but i listened to that seminar and then found i was tapped into a mysterious energy source i'd never before suspected of existing and then i went and made the mix you've just listened to


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OK so there was one droney one with a sort of oscillating rhythm, it was quite melodic noise. I was listening on headphones and the sound was bouncing from one ear to the other, but then it started to go through my body and make a weird undulating thing happen.

And then I started thinking back to last night's aphantastia thing... And for some reason I linked that in my head to a village I drove through today, it had temporary traffic lights, and I had this idea that everyone in the village is a fantastic.

Now I can't sleep boo hoo.

It was a hypmagogic thing I think