Techniques for Influencing Time


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Time is murdering everyone

Time's illusion masks Eternity

The invincible mortal enemy

The inevitable moral ending

Terminating in massive explosion

Transforming it's material environment

Tricky! It mirrors Eternity!

Trick it. Make escape

Timequake! It's moving erratically!

Totally immersive manmade environment

Trapped in mad experiment

Time is malleable, Einstein

Tradeoff- immortality/material embodiment

Thrown into material existence

This Incarnation must end

True immanance manifest everywhere

Thoth initiates man's evolution

Tangled in mundane events

Threshold; Innocence meets Experience


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rotational shifts, earlies 7am-7pm, nights vice-versa

catching up is impossible, if you fly west you assimilate quicker with time zones, east is tougher, same thing

every 3-ish months you have double-back at work and if you add ploughing in over-time, you lose sleep recovery


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I've still only seen Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia and The Getaway, but those seem to be of his marginal films.
Straw Dogs sums up SW UK sticks/ another one with Dennis Hopper and a violence choreography over a swimming pool maybe at night, can’t remember name of, was great


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That thing on Bergsonian time I've pulled up a few times really made an impression on me,
Reading Deluzes Cinema 2 and he pulls from this often, making the claim that the unreal images of european cinema are images of a past 'in general,' Frankenstein like formations of time from potentialities with no immediate recollection to place them too. Slightly different from (but not always) a psycho analytic dream-repression dynamic as it corresponds more generally to a characters loss of sensory motor function not always related to prior trauma, making time the primary 'actor' on screen in that the sequence of unreal events is our only insight into what they might signify.