Techniques for Influencing Time


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Similar things could perhaps be experienced with intensely precise musical expression, I suspect.


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Version claims to have torn the face off many men in our street fights thread. I didn't have him pegged as a brawler but he says he is. Maybe you have to be where he's from.


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I think I've mentioned the time-altering properties of danger on here before, perhaps in the catastrophe thread. Time seems to slow to a crawl once you realise the ball you've just booted's heading right for the neighbour's window or that car's about to plough into yours.


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Obviously on the right drugs in the right amounts you plop right out of time and find yourself on a divan in the chamber-outside-of-time, you've managed to tear your eyes from the vision-bowl and its vapours and you say to yourself, here again, I'm home! How strange!


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Surgery/anaesthesia, followed by post op convalescence in a room without windows or screens for 5 days and buckets of morphine

Only slipped back into normal temporality y’day really even after a few days home, like the scene in an Alien spin off where one of the androids has to shimmy horizontally along the inside of a really tight pipe with a torch between his teeth in the dark